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Expert and Conservatoire Percussion

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  • Carnival of the Animals | Gary Kettel


    A fabulous arrangement of Saint-Saens' masterpiece for six percussionists. This is the complete work, individual movements are available separately

    Players: 6
    Duration: 29mins +
    Difficulty: Expert
    Audio Sample: Coming soon
    Sample Score: Score
  • Flight of the Bumblebee | Gary Kettel


    A standard showcase for solo instrumental virtuosity and a tremendous piece for 4 percussion plus timpani

    Players: 4
    Duration: 2' 10″
    Difficulty: Expert
    Audio Sample: Coming soon
    Sample Score: Score
  • Kaleidoscope | Gary Kettel


    This is a highly original piece of music for Flute (also Alto Flute and Piccolo) and four percussionists. The word ‘kaleidoscope’ means ‘observer of beautiful forms’, and this piece of six movements, opens with ‘Jumble’ representing the chaotic fragments of colour seen when first looking into a kaleidoscope.
    As a kaleidoscope is rotated, the vivid pattern of colours changes, creating another distinctly different image. These changing patterns are represented in this piece by three ‘Revolves’, each with a distinctly different musical mood and style.
    The Revolves are interspersed with two romantic interludes, representing the visually exquisite images the Kaleidoscope creates

    Players: Click “More…” below for full line-up
    Duration: 28' 10″
    Difficulty: Expert
    Audio Sample: Kaleidoscope
    Sample Score: Score
  • Variations on a One Sided Conversation | Justin Breame


    A percussion duet created by notating the sound of a voice discovered on an old Dictaphone

    Players: 2
    Duration: 5' 30″
    Difficulty: Expert
    Audio Sample: Variations on a One sided conversation
    Sample Score: Score