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Welcome to Bell Music Publishing

We are a new music publication company with the aim of bringing the best new music from our highly professional and talented writers and composers to discerning bands, schools and musicians who need fresh, well written and exciting pieces to thrill themselves and their audiences.

We have bright new stars, as well as seasoned professionals at the peak of their careers, and we want to introduce you to a range of music, from the traditional to the contemporary, and across multiple genres including Brass Band, Jazz, Percussion Orchestral and more….. 

We listen to our customers and our composers, and we LOVE new ideas. Please get in touch.

Click on a menu item above to browse our music. Please note these links may take you to one of our dedicated sites for the genre of music you select, but you can return to this hub to view other genres.

Browse the profiles of our composers in the Composer tab, or see About us to find out what makes us different.

Our Labels

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