Lullaby for Barnaby | Colin Shaw


This is a piece for 6 players of higher intermediate level.
The title is derogatory – written when Colin's son was keeping him awake when he was a baby!
Counting is very important for all parts, especially as the 6/8 time signature at the beginning is disrupted by hemiolas.
The tin bath is optional. A tray will have the same musical effect, but the drama of a performance of Lullaby for Barnaby makes this an experience to remember.

Players: 1: Floor Tom, Cowbell
2: Clash Cymbal, Triangle, Concert Toms
3: Small Tom, Large Tom
4: Tambourine, Bucket of Gravel
5. Snare Drum, Woodblock
6: 2 Susp. Cymbals
Duration: 4 55″
Difficulty: Intermediate
Sample Score: Score
Audio Sample: Coming soon

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