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Jambo | Colin Shaw


A really fun piece for beginners. Jambo is a minimalist piece in structure, building to a climax with fun shouting in Swahili

Players: 8
Duration: 2' 40″
Difficulty: Elementary, but with 2 slightly more challenging parts
Audio Sample: Jambo
Sample Score: Score



Jambo is a piece for beginners, however two of the parts are a little more rhythmically challenging (the wood block and cowbell).
It is minimalist in structure, building to a climax at the point where all members of the ensemble can have some fun in shouting Swahili!
‘Jambo’ means ‘hi’, and is used as a friendly greeting in Africa (and Jambo was also the name of a celebrated gorilla in Jersey Zoo, who notably protected a young boy who fell into his enclosure).
The ‘Table-Top’ is as described – the top of a table.
“When I wrote this, I was short of instruments for my ensemble! But it makes for an interesting tableau…!” Colin Shaw

1: Triangle
2: Tambourine
3: Table Top
4: Low toms
5: Snare Drum
6: Cowbell
7: Wood Block
8: Suspended Cymbal

ISMN: 979-0-708127-75-8

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